Hey Lynnard. Nice to Meet You.

:) :P :/ :@

lynnard-bot is a chatterbot. It’s a well-humored chatterbot in fact. It’s designed for every-day usage purposes - it can console you when you feel lonely, point you to the nearest train station that you don’t know about, read you the latest news and tell you the most popular jokes on the street… Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect companion?

To speak to him, simply take out your phone and tap into Wechat(微信). Add lynnard-bot. Or scan the QR code below.

In his present form Lynnard only speaks Chinese. He does speak some sort of Chin-glish but that’s only for winning some laugh. I do plan to teach him English vocabulary though - but that will very likely be a long-haul effort to say the least.


Many many big thanks to 小i机器人. To be honest the current Lynnard is just a cheap rip-off of this great invention. But be patient: I already have some (great) ideas in mind.

Change Log


Inception. Nothing too great to be mentioned about really.