Highlight Editor with LIght-weight rUntime environMent, or Helium, is a Blackberry 10 text editor designed for speed, performance and versatility. Packed with power and customizability, Helium is a must-have for any professional who works with text files.

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Work in tabs

Open multiple files at once and easily switch between them. Or open the same file in different tabs and refer to its different parts.

Syntax highlight based on filetype

Helium supports syntax highlight in real time for over 50 filetypes: ada, applescript, asm, awk, bat, bib, bison, c, caml, changelog, clipper, cobol, coffeescript, conf, cpp, csharp, css, d, desktop, diff, erlang, flex, fortran, glsl, haskell, haskell_literate, haxe, html, java, javascript, latex, ldap, lilypond, lisp, log, logtalk, lua, m4, makefile, manifest, pascal, perl, php, postscript, prolog, python, ruby, scala, scheme, sh, slang, sml, sql, tcl, texinfo, vbscript, xml

Mod-key shortcuts while editing

Miss Ctrl-S for saving a file quickly on your PC? Well, in Helium, you can do that by pressing Enter-S (hit S while holding Enter). Likewise, Enter+T lets you insert a tab, whereas Enter+D deletes the current line. Almost everything in Helium has a keyboard shortcut, and most of them can be used as key-chords when you are busily typing away in the editor.

Undo and redo

…So no more worrying about losing changes.

Regex find and replace

Full Perl-style regular expressions in find. Capturing groups in replace. Hooray.

Executing scripts or previewing html

Run python and shell scripts directly from the editor, or preview html and javascript in a web page. Best of all, Helium knows which of these to run based on filetypes, so all you have to do is pressing a button.

4 colorschemes and 20+ fonts

Helium includes popular colorschemes such as summerfruit and Tomorrow. It also ships with some of the best fonts, such as Dejavu Mono and Times New Roman.

Zero interruption

Never wait for a file to be saved into your Dropbox again. Helium is good at multithreading - that means saving files in background, highlighting each document in a different routine, and not getting into your way so that you can keep on with your work for as long as possible.