Sometimes I Wish I’m a Dog

A dog that eats well and sleeps well, of course.

And with a good owner hopefully, who’ll walk me around on sunny weekends and buy me expensive toys.

And don’t forget nice fur and strong muscles - these are a must for successful relationships.

Oh, and don’t ever envy humans - they are smart, interesting and can do whatever they want, but, there surely is no reason to want to become a human.

…or is there?

It’s unfortunate that every time I pay such thoughts a visit it ends up in a circle, where the thing I wish to become would somehow take a shape that wishes back to become what I am right now.

It seems that the frustration is not in trying to be something, but really in trying to be more than something.

That means a good dog should never try to be more than a dog.

And a good human should never wish to be a dog.

Aug 15th, 2015
en, rant