Coming Back

Haven’t updated my website for ages.

A lot has happened - graduated from university, got a job, found a home in one of the busiest cities in the world, laptop broken, laptop fixed, laptop broken again, laptop fixed again.

Fortunately I’m having more and more time to do things I like - by that I mean developing programs, as a developer - and paid for that as well.

The hustle-bustle meant most of my projects, just-starting or on-going, had to be put on shelf. Now over two months later I can barely recognize any of them under the thick dust that’s been covering up.

Well, nothing is too late - or at least I hope so. I’ve been itching to give my newborn freedom a try and any of these projects seems to be a perfect starting point. So stay tuned and expect great things.

Oct 31st, 2014
en, life